Many individuals suffer from plateau syndrome, where no matter how hard they work and what they do they no longer see improvements. Let our instructors show you how to gain high achievement and success, exactly the reason you hire a Personal Trainer.

Build a Long Lasting Body: Utilizing the three pillars of Fitness -  Strength, Cardio and Nutrition, our Instructors will develop programs to complement your lifestyle. We'll help you build a body that will perform better and last longer.

 Customization: Our Instructors begin with a physical assessment for each individual and then combine needs, ability, goals, schedules and motivation into a specific plan for YOU!


Personal Training and TRX Suspension Training

Matthew Ney

Tel: (832) 474-1663

Motivation, Customization, Break Plateaus, Results,
Build long-lasting bodies.

and Personal Training

Pilates Powerhouse

Why choose Pilates Powerhouse trainers?

Bonnie Ney

Tel: (832) 434-1156

Motivation: All our Reformer Pilates and Personal Fitness Trainers are Certified and will be your Personal Coach - cheering, encouraging, pushing, and YEAH giving you tough love every step of the way to help you achieve results together. From the beginner looking for knowledge or confidence to the experienced fitness doers looking to invigorate old routines, our instructors can help you.

Breaking Plateaus: Studies show that individuals achieve results 30% faster with a Qualified Certified Instructor. Our Instructors will demonstrate and guide you through proper form and sequence to maximize results.